Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the process to rent a property?


  1. Select A Property: Our professional photography and detailed scripts provides the information you require to decide if the property is right for you & if it is worth your time & energy inspecting. 
  2. Book an Inspection: Once you’ve found a property that you’re interested in, you then need to book an inspection. Click the Email Agent icon and one of our team members will be in contact with you to arrange a private inspection or inform you of the next inspection times.
  3. Submit an Application Form: Inspected the property & loved it? You now need to download an application form, complete this & submit via email to info@hivepropertygroup.com.au or in person at the property's inspection. Each individual applicant over the age of 18 will be required to submit a complete application with all required attachments.We can only start processing your application once your entire application and all required attachments are submitted. Exclusions will result in additional delay and could compromise the likelihood of your application being progressed.
  4. Application is Processed & Approved: We will endeavour to have an answer to you within 24 - 48 hours. If your application is approved, you will be required to pay a non refundable holding deposit (2 weeks rent) to secure the property. 
  5. Lease Sign Up: Once you have been accepted for a property we will email you to advise that your application has been successful and to arrange a time for you to come and sign the lease. Your bond (4 weeks rent) & rental reconciliation fee must be paid before the lease can be signed. When you meet with us we will carefully explain the details of the lease including our expectations and obligations.
  6. Ready to Move In: Upon completion of your lease sign up you will be provided with a set of keys and emailed a copy of your lease documents. 


How do I report maintenance?


All maintenance requests must be submitted to our office in writing with as much information & photographs where possible to help us process your request without delay. We appreciate your patience as we process your maintence request and note, in most cases your maintenance request must first be approved by the landlord before any rectification can take place.


What is an emergency repair?


During office hours phone Hive Property on 1300 882 326 to report emergency repair items.The Residential Tenancies Authority defines emergency repairs as repairs for:

  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a blocked or broken lavatory service
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or hot water, cooking or heating appliance
  • a fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a resident of the premises
  • a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area or premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using, the premises

If it is outside of office hours & you believe your particular situation is an emergency repair item, please contact the most suitable tradesman as listed in your lease agreement. All other repairs are considered to be routine repairs and you must wait and contact us during working hours.  If you call an emergency tradesman out after working hours to attend to non-urgent maintenance you will be invoiced for the works completed as agreed to in your tenancy agreement.


Do I have to replace the smoke alarm batteries?


Both tenants and landlords share responsibilities for smoke alarms in their rental properties.

  • Landlords have obligations to install, clean and test smoke alarms and replace batteries before the start or renewal of a tenancy.
  • Tenants have obligations to clean, test and replace batteries during the tenancy.


What do I do if I lock myself out or lose my keys?


Hive Property cannot guarantee a key will be available from our office for replacement, should you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your premises.

  • If tenant/s lock themselves out during business hours, they may collect a copy of the key (if available) from the office, leaving a deposit of $50. The office key must be returned to Hive Property’s office by close of business that day. Failure to do so will result in a replacement key fee being charged.
  •  If the tenant wishes for a staff member to attend the property to grant access during office hours, this can be arranged, subject to staff availability, at a cost of $50 + GST, payable on invoice to the tenant. (Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 9:00am to 4:00pm)

  • If tenant/s lock themselves out of the property outside of office hours (Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 9:00am to 4:00pm): A staff member may attend to grant access, subject to staff availability and the payment of the emergency attendance service cost of $100+ GST. This fee is payable to the attending staff member prior to unlocking the property or via direct deposit to the Hive Property Trust Account details found in your lease agreement.

Hive Property cannot guarantee a representative from our office will be available to attend to a lockout situation & recommend contacting a locksmith at your own cost if required.


Do I need to pay for Water Usage?


Every property is different & we recommend you ask your property manager prior to commencing your lease. Full water consumption costs can be passed onto tenants, if the rental property is individually metered, water efficient, and the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption. If the property is not water efficient the landlord can only pass on excess water consumption costs. 



How often are routine inspections & do I need to be at home?


A routine inspection will be completed every three to four months during your tenancy. You will be issued with an entry notice advising a date and a time frame in which a Hive Property representative will enter to complete the inspection. It is not necessary for you to be at home for this inspection to take place as we can use our office set of keys to gain access.



Can I have someone else move in with me?


Any change of tenant or additional tenant must submit an application form to our office with all supporting documentation. The application will then be processed and presented to the landlord for their approval. If the change of tenancy is approved, for this to take effect we will require all residents on the lease agreement to attend our office to sign paperwork as required.


What happens if I need to break my lease?


If you need to break your lease you must speak to your property manager as soon as possible to help minimise your expenses. If a tenant ends their tenancy agreement early without grounds (also known as a break lease) they are responsible for compensation and/or remaining rent until an end date in the agreement is reached. The tenant must continue to pay rent for the property until another suitable tenant is found and must make payment of all break lease fees/charges outlined in their lease agreement. 


How do I get my bond back?


Before your bond can be refunded, your rent must be paid up to the lease end date, all outstanding fees & service charges must be paid, and all keys, access key-cards and remote controls must be returned to Hive Property. We will conduct an exit inspection and compare the condition of the property to the entry condition report signed at the start of your tenancy. You will then be contacted regarding the repair of any damages not considered fair wear and tear and any cleaning items you may have missed. If the items are not repaired/premises are not cleaned to the agent’s satisfaction within a reasonable time frame (24 hours) following the final inspection, a professional cleaner will be engaged to clean and the cost will be deducted from the bond. If the agent and tenant agree on the bond to be refunded, Hive Property will prepare the Refund of Rental Bond form to be submitted to the RTA ( typically refunded within 14 days). Please note, if all outstanding funds are paid prior to vacating a full bond refund can be processed by our agency within days of vacating the premises.




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